Labor market program for the inclusion of disadvantaged workers


The Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association, with the development of its field of activity, undertook the task to train and integrate its workforce target group into the labor market, which includes disadvantaged people and unemployed Roma.
After the recruitment work the association started its National Qualifications Register (NQR/OKJ) training with its target group, including 33 disadvantaged people. 22 security guards and 11 staff members were trained by the Association. After the successful exam, the Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association also provided the employment of at least 20 of the involved people for one year. During the first six months, the Association was the employer and during this time the employees gained enough experience in their new profession that in the second half of the year they could acquire a job. The most important feature of the program is that from the date of involvement to the inclusion in the labor market and even a little further, a mentor helps the employee. The mentor is assisting in the management of problems related to training and employment, but also in the management of social, family and personal problems. In addition to the NQR training courses, the involved disadvantaged people also participated in other trainings and consultants and a mediator also helped to successfully complete the program.

Results: All 33 people successfully completed the exam and 20 people found a job. The mentors also helped the target group members after the program was finished, so this number rose to 27.

Financial envelope: 74 999 900,-Ft
Project duration: 2013.11.01. – 2015.06.30.