"Czinka Panna for a livable future"- Opinion shaping with sustainability themed Green Stands in the Győr-Moson-Sopron county settlement events

KEOP 6.1.0/B-11-2011-0130

The aim of the Association, in this project, was to help the population of Győr-Moson-Sopron County to familiarize itself with the environmental impacts of consumption, to make sustainable alternatives known, to promote the options of renewed consumer culture, to raise awareness of the energy consumption culture and to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle while promoting its behavioral patterns. During its development, the Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association recognized that as a sensitive organization for global problems, it might be possible to answer other problems that are not related to Roma inclusion, but related to society. Of course, this also had an effect in the inclusion of Roma as many people were amazed that a Roma organization also takes part in issues like this . These replies were very positive.

During the project, the staff of the organization took part in 24 county events with their sustainability themed Green Stands , where the public's attention was drawn to environmental issues and the participants could learn more about sustainability through interactive programs. A media campaign was also implemented named Gurul the Green Wheel. In the framework of this media campaign sustainability themed advertisements and advertisements related to the project were shared on television, radio, online sites and in local and county newspapers.

Results: 2400 active access, more than 4 million passive access, participation in a total of 24 events in all of the 7 county micro-regions

Financial envelope: 37 494 570,- Ft
Project duration: 2013.09.01. – 2014.08.31.