The creation and operation of the “Új esély” and Czinka Panna Tanoda in Gyömöre.

TÁMOP-3.3.9.A-12/2-2012-0065 / TÁMOP-3.3.9.A-12/2-2012-0069

In 2013, a great dream of the management and founders of the Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association was realized by successfully applying for the Tanoda program.

The Association established a Tanoda (special school) in Gyömöre and Győr, providing complex services, that gave assistance to cumulatively disadvantaged children to catch up with education, thus making the first step of inclusion. The "Új esély" ("New Chance") Tanoda and the Czinka Panna Tanoda have implemented social, community building, acceptance-promoting and professional events besides the educational activities with the active participation of the target group and their families. Mainly Roma children were involved in these Tanodas. In addition to the "classical" courses (human, real, language), four field trips and two summer camps were completed per Tanoda. In the framework of a professional conference we shared our experiences with other Tanodas as well, creating fruitful relationship with local institutions, schools and NGOs. Tanodas have become an integral part of the living area.

The results: A total of 86 disadvantaged children, of which 50% were Roma, were involved. 80 out of 86 children successfully completed the development plan, an improvement was visible in their studies.

Financial envelope: 2×29 997 350,- Ft
Project duration: 2013.06.01. – 2015.02.28.