The organization of a Roma network in the Westerns Trandanubia region


The consortium of the Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association and the West Gate Association realized its 20-month project between 1 August 2014 and 31 March 2016, aiming at the development, strengthening and networking of civil organizations in the Western Transdanubian region.
The realization of this project was supported by the Norwegian Civil Fund and the preliminary assessment has shown that there is a strong presence of social intent in the region for forming and operating civil society organizations, but this can be further stimulated by a conscious, purpose-oriented operation of organizations.

The specific purpose of this consortium was to enable the organizations involved to initiate programs to achieve their development goals with the help of a comprehensive service package, that assists them from the organizational diagnosis, to the problem management while finding alternative solutions.
During the term of the project, a complex program was organized with 20 organizations including 5 newly registered. Within the framework of this program, in the three counties of the region 80-hour trainings were realized in connection with application writing, civil law and finance, and communication. At the end of the training sessions, civilians were given the opportunity to show each other their professional experiences in a 3-day residental workshop, to develop cooperation agreements and plan their "mini projects", which could later be implemented with each other's support.
At the end of the project, several civil and other organizations in the counties had become more stable and professional through the newly established network.

Results: Development of 20 organizations in the region, creation of 5 new organizations, implementation of 1 residential workshop, organization of 1 international conference

Financial envelope: 56 568,50 EUR (support) / 7 416,82 EUR (own contribution)
Project duration: 2014.08.01. - 2016.03.31.